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About UDE-UK

UDE-UK work with African communities, our partners and other stakeholders, to help build lasting and sustainable capacity for self-reliance, through the provision of skills, resources and opportunities for collaborative working, and facilitating the widest engagement by all stakeholders in the development of Ugandan community in the UK.

Objects of UDE-UK:

The promotion of social inclusion for the public benefit among people who are socially excluded from society, or parts of society, in particular members of the Ugandan/African community due to their social and economic position by providing in particular but not exclusively:
(i) Training through workshops in literacy and CV writing
(ii) Mentoring to provide support and guidance towards education and employment
(iii) counselling, advice, information and general support


Mission:  Aims to address the issues of the needs of people of Ugandan origin, resident in the UK, in the areas of housing, employment, further education, vocational training, entrepreneurial skills, development, health and social services.


  • To raise awareness and mobilise resources on issues affecting development of Ugandans in the Diaspora and Uganda and to work in collaboration with grass root organisations to ensure Ugandans (Africans) reach their full development potential.
  • Help young Ugandans in the Diaspora (UK) become entrepreneurs through mentorship programmes and personal development. Expand their ability to reach their full potential and also seeks to open the minds of young Ugandan Diasporas in the UK to look far beyond their dreams and beyond the traditional journeys to success.
  • UDE-UK aim is to create greater networks, growth and sustainability amongst Diaspora Ugandans, who are willing to contribute their much needed skills, experience and resources through volunteering in various projects and programmes run in the UK and Uganda in such a way that they are better able to participate more fully in society and maximise their contribution towards achieving international development goals.
  • Alleviate poverty and empower the poor by breaking the barriers of poverty through economic development; to increase their opportunities for education; to improve their health; and to uphold their human rights.
  • Increase the economic and social development of the Ugandan community through broadened horizons and also add value to community development initiatives by introducing a new element through social entrepreneurship.

Promotes the three key principles:

    • Access to free and compulsory education to the disabled child of Uganda.
    • Equality, inclusion and non-discrimination of the disabled child.
    • The right to quality education, content and processes to the disabled child of Uganda.



  • UDE-UK supports Ugandan community in UK to be entrepreneur, mentoring and empowerment them through personal development and teaching self-sufficiency.

By offering hands on practical business and life skills to enable them achieve true “Economic Empowerment”. Through these initiatives, they aim to promote their key message of positive economic empowerment and self efficiency, and nurture a positive image of Uganda.


  • Raising awareness about the need for human resource development in Uganda by addressing the country’s brain drain; advocates for policies that help to develop and enhance Uganda’s human resource capacity; and formulates and implements practical programmes that help to improve Uganda’s human resource capacity.
  • Preserve the mental health amongst Ugandans in the UK. Seeks to advance the education for the public benefit by the provision of mental health education and awareness, in particular in Ugandan Community in collaboration with our professional partners.
  • Provision of Information Advice and Guidance (IAG), and support through outreach, awareness creation, workforce development and enterprise. The IAG service is developing into a specialised service to accommodate and engage the sensitivities of the hard to reach communities facing considerable barriers to allowing them to access available services to allow for their personal development.
  • UDE-UK will focus its international developmental programmes in Uganda, from which a detailed needs analysis will be undertaken; in the areas of Health, Education and Secure Livelihoods, entrepreneurship. UDE-UK aim is to address the problems facing Uganda’s brain drain problem by encouraging people of Ugandan descent to volunteer their skills and resources to support institutions, through capacity building and skills sharing. UDE-UK recruits volunteers whose skills match the needs of local communities and the non-profit organisations which support them.
    Working together they identify which roles and responsibilities could be supported by skilled volunteers, whereby volunteers are recruited, whose skills match these needs.

    • Mobilises resources, recruits and deploys skilled volunteers from the Diaspora to work in the education and health sectors of Uganda aimed at improving the socio-economic life of disadvantaged communities.



  1. Deals with vulnerable groups in Uganda and UK, including asylum seekers, refugees and homeless or racially/sexually abused persons.
  2. Deals with international partnership with volunteers travelling to Uganda and helping to transfer technology and development skills. UDE-UK aims to match up residents in UK who are interested in volunteering in Uganda with development projects who can make use of their skills. Rather than giving out hand outs.


Our Values
Integrity– We value transparency and accountability in all our work, with clear policies and procedures, while displaying the utmost level of honesty in our dealings. We hold these to be the most essential elements of our work ethic.

Inclusiveness– We are committed to engaging, supporting and recognising the value of all members of society, regardless of tribe, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status and geography.

Effectiveness– We value efficiency and excellence in all our work, constantly challenging ourselves to perform better, to meet and exceed programme targets, and to improve and deepen the impact of our interventions.

Key points

  1. improve livelihoods
  2. life chances and wellbeing
  3. enhancing the capacity of individuals, communities, civil society, social enterprises, NGOs, businesses and local institutions to alleviate poverty
  4. improve the standards of living through self-reliance.
  5. UDE-UK’s mission is to, “support, inform, promote, represent and enhance the abilities and capabilities of individuals and their communities locally, nationally as well as internationally.”
  6. On education of the disabled child in Uganda/Africa, starting with the notion of education as a human right, UDE-UK also promotes the three key principles:
  7. Access to free and compulsory education.
  8. Equality, inclusion and non-discrimination.
  9. The right to quality education, content and processes.