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Promote the realisation of equal rights for disabled children and their families in Uganda.

One of our vision’s is that disabled children are fully included as equal members of society and are able to achieve their full potential.

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Uganda Diaspora Engagement – UK

UDE-UK work with African communities, our partners and other stakeholders, to help build lasting and sustainable capacity for self-reliance, through the provision of skills, resources and opportunities for collaborative working, and facilitating the widest engagement by all stakeholders in the development of Ugandan community in the UK.

UDE-UK supports Ugandan community in UK to be entrepreneur, mentoring and empowerment them through personal development and teaching self-sufficiency.
By offering hands on practical business and life skills to enable them achieve true “Economic Empowerment”. Through these initiatives, they aim to promote their key message of positive economic empowerment and self efficiency, and nurture a positive image of Uganda.

Raising awareness about the need for human resource development in Uganda by addressing the country’s brain drain; advocates for policies that help to develop and enhance Uganda’s human resource capacity; and formulates and implements practical programmes that help to improve Uganda’s human resource capacity.

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